Nishikigoi from Niigata

On July 14th, we were invited to attend special opening event of “Sky Aquarium 2011”.
This event was held at “Roppongi Hills” building which is like a “Empire State Building” in Tokyo. The General Director of this event, Mr. Kimura, is good friend of us and he fell in love with koi since we guided him around Niigata. This time, he designed special aquarium using Niigata Nishikigoi and put it as special highlight. Hopefully, Niigata breeders kindly accepted to provide koi for this event and name of INPC is listed in the poster as you can find below(It’s tinny and in Japanese . . .)

The beauty of koi, tropical fish, coral and unique designed aquariums are emphasized by light and music. It is an extraordinary experience and I’m sure people are amazed with its total coordinate. Koi was used at main art work of this event. The beauty of Japanese four seasons was expressed by CG and it was displayed behind of aquarium. Therefore, koi are swimming above CG as object and this is totally new approach and unique way to enjoy koi. As Koikichi, we normally appreciate koi seeing from above and enjoy beauty of koi itself. However, at this art work, koi is one of important element which create beauty as same as music and CG. Because I only brought ordinary digital camera, quality of movie isn’t gerat but I hope you can feel atmosphere.
Please enjoy this excellent art work.

Here are other pictures of aquarium art at this event. (Please forgive me of bad pictures because I was prohibited to use flash LOL)

Ordinary aquarium let us see from side as above picture. However, one of aquarium is fully covered includidng top surface as well. Therefore, we can see inside from top. In addition, the light is installed into aquarium and different colors are lighted by 10 to 20 sec.

To be honest with you, I know koi but I don’t know much about tropical fish . . . I can’t give you what fish are displayed but there are several rare and interesting animals such as Ammonite and Ambystoma mexicanum (Mexican axolotl).
You can see atmosphere of exhibition from here.

This event will be held till September 25th 2011. I hope you have a chance to visit this event. If you are interested in these aquarium, please feel free to contact us. We can arrange for you 🙂